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I currently accept cash, check, or credit card for co-pays or self-pay.  

The following insurances are accepted:


Custom Design


Med Ben

United Health Care


If you choose to do self-pay, I can provide a superbill for FSA/HSA or other insurance reimbursement.

Fee Schedule


Intake Session                                                $225.00        

During this first session the counselor will allow you to tell your story and counseling goals, then they will gather additional information to formulate a treatment plan.


55 Minute Session                                         $150.00

The most common session, this gives you time to recap the last session, talk about progress, and move further into the treatment plan.


45 Minute Session                                       $135.00

This shorter session is great for solution focused therapy.  This allows you to work through your therapy goals at a slower pace.

Missed Appointment                                  $100.00

This fee is charged only when there is a no call no show.  24 hour notice for any cancellation is appreciated.

Billing Practices

Fees for Other Services

           Letter Writing- $55.00

          Disability Claims- $100.00

          Copying Case Notes/Records- 1st copy at no charge, additional copies at $2.00/page plus postage

          Phone Calls lasting longer than 10 minutes are assessed at $1.00 per minute

          Return Check Fee- $65.00



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